HP Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP Printer

Error Codes and Support


59.C0 Error To continue turn off and thenon

Error Description:

The developer-disengagement motor experienced a rotational error.


1. Perform the alienation motor component tests in the Troubleshooting menu. 2. Reconnect the connectors of the yellow/ magenta-developing disengagement motor (J1719), cyan/black-developing disengagement motor (J1718), print cartridge PCA (J404, J405, J406, J408), and the DC controller PCA (J141, J142). 3. Check the print-cartridge drive unit if the adjustment pin sticks in. 4. Check the main drive unit if the lever locks. 5. Replace the primary-transfer-roller disengagement motor. See Primary transfer-roller disengagement motor on page 292.

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