HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


60.3Tray 3 lifter motor failure

Error Description:

The tray 3 lifter-motor is not functioning. Tray 3 can be a 500-sheet feeder or 1,500- sheet feeder accessory.


1 Turn the printer off and then on. 2 If the error persists, turn the printer off. 3 Verify that the tray 3 lifter wire-harness is fully seated in its connector on the sheet feeder PCA. 4 Replace the tray 3 lifter-driver assembly. See 500-sheet feeder lifterdrive assembly or 1,500-sheet feeder lifter-drive assembly. 5 Replace the tray 3 feeder controller PCA. See 500-sheet feeder control PCA or 1,500-sheet feeder control PCA.

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