HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort the operation. This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations. In some instances, electrical noise in the cabl


1 Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory. 2 Turn the printer off and then on. 3 Go to www.hp.com/go/lj4200_software, www.hp.com/go/lj4250_software, www.hp.com/go/lj4300_software, or www.hp.com/go/lj4350_software. Select Download Drivers and Software. Check for the latest firmware image version at the bottom of the page. If this firmware image is newer than the one installed on the printer and the printer can receive a firmware update, download the newer firmware upgrade. Not all HP LaserJet 4200/4300 printers can receive firmware upgrades. 4 Try printing a job from a different software program. If the job prints, go back to the first program and try printing a different file. If the message appears only with a certain software program or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance. 5 If the message persists when using different software programs and attempting specific print jobs, disconnect all cables that connect the printer to the network or a computer. 6 Turn the printer off. 7 Remove all memory DIMMs or thirdparty DIMMs from the printer. (Do not remove the firmware DIMM in slot J1.) See Firmware DIMM (LJ 4200/4300 only). 8 Remove all of the EIO devices from the printer.

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