HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


13.12.07jam in stapler

Error Description:

A jam exists in the staple cartridge (the stapler did not finish stapling but was able to return to its home position).


1 Press ? ( HELP button for detailed information. 2 Press ( UP ARROW button) and (DOWN ARROW button) to step through the instructions. 3 Remove any jammed paper from the stapler/stacker. 4 Remove the staple cartridge from the stapler unit. 5 Push the green door on the end of the staple cartridge up (in the direction of the arrows). 6 Remove the jammed staple. 7 Close the staple cartridge door. Replace the cartridge in the stapler unit. 8 Close the staple unit. 9 If the error persists, replace the staple cartridge. 10 If the error persists, replace the stapler unit. See To remove and replace the stapler unit.

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