HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


TRAY XX SIZE={XXXX SIZE}For help press ?

Error Description:

A tray was installed with the standard/ custom switch set to Custom, or with the paper guides in a non-standard configuration. The printer is prompting you to use the control panel to specify a predefined non-standard paper size, a "custom" paper siz


1 Use the control panel to select the appropriate custom paper size. Press ( SELECT button). 2 If the media used is Letter, A4, Executive, B5 JIS, A5, or Legal sized, the tray switch should be set to Standard. Set the tray switch to Custom for all other media sizes. The tray switch must be set to custom before the size can be selected at the control panel. 3 Print a configuration page and verify that the tray size settings match the actual tray settings. If the settings do not match, verify that the tray size sensors are functioning correctly. If they are not, replace the media-size sensors (SW102, SW801, or SW1). See Printer switches and sensors, 500- sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs, or 1,500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs. Verify that the sensor "fingers" inside the tray are engaging the tray sensor correctly. See Tray 2, 500-sheet feeder, and 1,500-sheet feeder media-size detection.

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