HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


TRAY XX OPENFor help press ?alternates withReadyFor menus press "CheckMark Icon"

Error Description:

The specified tray is open or not closed completely.


1 Close the tray. 2 If this error persists, verify that the media-size sensors (SW102, SW801, or SW1) for the indicated tray is functioning correctly. See Printer switches and sensors, 500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs, or 1,500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs. . Verify that the sensor "fingers" inside the tray are engaging the tray sensor correctly. See Tray 2, 500-sheet feeder, and 1,500-sheet feeder media-size detection.

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