HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


STAPLER LOW ON STAPLESFor help pressNOTE: The stapler/stacker LED iscontinuously illuminated green (this errorapplies to the stapler/stacker only).

Error Description:

Fewer than 70 staples remain in the optional stapler/stacker staple cartridge. Printing will continue until the STAPLER OUT OF STAPLES message appears on the printer control-panel display.


1 Press ? ( HELP button) for detailed information. 2 Press ( UP ARROW button) and (DOWN ARROW button) to step through the instructions. 3 If, after following these instructions, this error persists, replace the staple unit. See To remove and replace the stapler unit. (NOTE) The customer is responsible for ordering replacement staple cartridges.

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