HP Laserjet 4200 Printer

Error Codes and Support


LOAD TRAY XX{TYPE} {SIZE}For help press ?

Error Description:

Tray XX is either empty (based on the operation of the paper sensor) or configured for a type and size other than that specified in the job. No other tray is available.


1 Press ? ( HELP button) for detailed information. 2 Press ( UP ARROW button) and (DOWN ARROW button) to step through the instructions. 3 Print a configuration page and verify that the tray settings are correctly set. See Configuration page. 4 If the tray settings on the configuration page do not match the actual tray setting, verify that the paper width switch (PS106, SW801, or SW1) is operating correctly for the indicated tray. See Printer switches and sensors, 500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs, or 1,500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs.

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